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Author Guidelines

The journal Naše gospodarstvo / Our Economy publishes original scientific articles covering all areas of economics and business. Authors are invited to send original unpublished articles which have not been submitted for publication elsewhere. Authors are completely responsible for the contents of their articles. Only articles receiving a favorable review are published. The authors grant the Journal Owner the exclusive license for commercial use of the article throughout the world, in any form, in any language, for the full term of copyright, effective upon acceptance for publication.

Please write your text in English. The cover page should contain the author’s name, academic title or profession, and affiliation, the first page, however, the title, an abstract of no more than 250 words, and key words. A structured abstract should comprise the following 4-6 parts: purpose, methodology/approach, findings, research limitations (if applicable), implications (if applicable) and originality/value. Add also appropriate codes of JEL classification that can be found at

Manuscripts should be prepared on a word processor in a font such as Times, Times New Roman CE, or SL Dutch in size 10 to 12 points. Tables and figures are to be presented in fonts without serifs (Helvetica, Arial, Arial CE, SL Swiss or similar). Emphasized parts of the text should be in italics, not bold or underlined.

Figures and tables should be numbered with a title above and notes and sources below. Figures should be in ½ point single-line frames. Footnotes should be numbered consecutively and placed at the bottom of the relevant page. Equations should also be numbered.
References in the text and in the list of references should be arranged according to APA style – see

Some elementary directions:

  • References in the text
    • Example 1a:    Another graphic way of determining the stationarity of time series is correlogram of autocorrelation function (Gujarati, 1995).
    • Example 1b:    Another graphic way of determining the stationarity of time series is correlogram of autocorrelation function (Gujarati, 1995, p. 36).
    • Example 2a:    Engle and Granger (1987) present critical values also for other cointegration tests.
    • Example 2b:    Engle and Granger (1987, p. 89) present critical values also for other cointegration tests.
  • References in the list of references
    • Example 1 – Book:    Gujarati, D. N. (1995). Basic Econometrics. New York: McGraw-Hill.
    • Example 2 – Journal article:    Engle, R. F., & Granger, C. W. J. (1987). Co-integration and Error Correction: Representation, Estimation and Testing. Econometrica, 55(2), 251-276.
    • Example 3 – Book chapter or article from conference proceedings:    MacKinnon, J. (1991). Critical Values for Cointegration Tests. In R. F. Engle & C.W. J. Granger, (Eds.), Long-Run Economic Relationships: Readings in Cointegration (pp. 191-215). Oxford: University Press.
    • Example 4 – Web source:    Esteves, J., Pastor, J. A., & Casanovas, J. (2002). Using the Partial Least Square (PLS): Method to Establish Critical Success Factors Interdependence in ERP Implementation Projects. Retrieved from

The size of the article should not exceed 30,000 characters and should be prepared on A4 paper with 3 cm margins and numbered pages. The text should be in single column layout, with 1.5 line spacing. The electronic version of the manuscript in MS Word can be submitted online via journal web site:, or it can be sent by e-mail to to following address: or to

For the author and co-authors please add their postal address, e-mail address, telephone number as well as their CV (which range from 500 to 550 characters including spaces) in one paragraph.

The journal does not have article processing charges (APCs) nor article submission charges.

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