Shopping Center Industry Internationalization with a Focus on Key Resources and Direct Investment: The Case of a Chilean Company in Mexico

Humberto Riquelme, Vito Bobek, Tatjana Horvat


The shopping center sector has been growing steadily over the last years in
Latin America. Many countries such as Chile, Mexico, and Brazil lead the industry
in the region, with so many projects still under development and different
companies with international expansion perspectives in their portfolio. The purpose
of this paper is to identify which are the most recommendable entry mode
strategies for Latin American countries and which are the essential resources
and capabilities that a shopping center company needs to develop to increase
the likelihood of success in the sector. Thus, different factors, such as political,
economic, and social factors, which impact the industry operation, are analyzed
to create a high-level overview of this industry's most important subjects. For
this purpose, primary and secondary data are used, based on a literature review
and an empirical qualitative study, giving information of the Chilean Commercial
Real Estate company, and interviewing its top managers. Thereby, the results
lead to an entry strategy proposal into the Mexican market, identifying the most
important shopping centers in the country, the main actors, and the best opportunities
to enter.


shopping center sector, resources and capabilities, entry strategies, emerging markets, Chile, Mexico

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