Trade Barriers and Exports between Western Balkan Countries

Gezim Jusufi, Bashkim Bellaqa


The aim of the paper is to identify the trade barriers imposed by the Western
Balkan countries. All barriers, whether tariff or non-tariff, undoubtedly impede
the normal development of trade between countries. Therefore, the paper
examines merchandise trade patterns in the Western Balkan region and tries to
identify the main drivers of and obstacles to intra-regional trade. Intra-regional
trade comes second in importance, after trade with the European Union (EU);
it underperformed and was in decline in the last few years. In the region with
political challenges as the Western Balkans, non-tariff barriers significantly
reduce trade exchanges between the countries in this region. Currently, the trade
and political disputes (tax rate 100%) between Kosovo and Serbia showed that
the imposed tariffs in trade created a political reaction between the countries,
interrupting the dialogue between these countries. The originality and value of
the paper are reflected in its dealing with such topics as trade barriers, genesis in
ethnic and political disputes that are prominent in the Balkan region.


trade barriers, Western Balkan Countries, exports, intra-regional trade

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