Correlation of Recruitment and Selection of Human Resources and the Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises

Iva Klepić


Human resources are the most significant resource of a company; this is
especially true for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in which they create the
company's competitive advantage because of their uniqueness. Human resources
manage other resources and are responsible for the efficiency and success of the
organization. The main goal of this research is to determine whether and to what
extent the recruitment and selection of human resources are in correlation with
the performance of SMEs. The research was conducted in SMEs in the Herzegovina
Region in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in April 2019. An original
questionnaire was created for the survey, within which top managers views on
recruitment and selection of human resources were collected as well as the fourperspective
performance of the business based on the Balanced Scorecard model.
SPSS 20.0 was used for data analysis. Descriptive measurements used for data
analysis include mean, standard deviation, and mode. The Kolmogorov-Smirnov
test was used to test distribution normality. To test the correlation of variables and
to determine the significance of differences, the Pearson correlation coefficient
and t-test for independent samples were used. The level of significance was set
to p = 0.05. The research results showed the correlation between the studied
variables and the correlation of recruitment and selection of human resources
and the performance of SMEs viewed from all four perspectives. A limitation of
the research is the sample size and the sampling method. The results can be
applied in the human resource management of SMEs.


Human Resources Management, Performance, Recruitment, Selection, Small and Medium Enterprises

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