Demand and Characteristics of Customers of Reusable Products in Slovenia

Katja Zajko, Barbara Bradač Hojnik


The main aim of the paper is to analyse whether a demand for reusable products in
Slovenia exists and to identify customers’ characteristics in terms of their gender,
age, income, education and employment status. We used survey data to investigate
what share of customers in Slovenia are buying and are willing to buy reusable
products. Furthermore, we investigate whether there are differences between
customers who are buying and who are not buying reusable products with regard
to selected demographics (gender, age, income, education and employment
status). The findings show that more than half of customers in Slovenia are
already buying reusable products. The results of selected characteristics of
individuals indicate that there are differences among buyers and non-buyers
of reusable products only with regard to gender. The paper contributes to the
literature on the demand for reusable products and gives better insights into the
characteristics of customers buying reusable products.


reusable products, demand, customer segmentation, Slovenia

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