The Structure of Design Orientation and its Relationship with Market Orientation

Sanja Rocco, Aleksandra Selinšek


Although market orientation has been investigated in numerous studies,
its complex relationship with design orientation lacks research attention,
especially in countries with transitional economies. Therefore, existing models
of market orientation (MO) and design orientation (DO) have been investigated.
The research has been executed in several stages, combining qualitative and
quantitative methods. In the first, qualitative stage, a series of face-to-face
in-depth interviews were conducted. In the second, quantitative stage, an Internet
survey was conducted among managers and CEOs from Croatian companies in
different industries. Partial Least Square and Structural Equation Modelling
analyses were conducted to examine the relationships between variables of MO
and DO. Results confirm the positive relationship between design orientation and
market orientation. Further, results also confirm sub-hypotheses that customer
orientation and strategic marketing are positively related to all dimensions of
design orientation. The model could have implications for marketers, designers
and managers in practice. Both concepts, MO and DO, are very complex and
multidimensional, so it was not possible to investigate all the aspects of the
constructs. Another limitation of the study was the sample size, as a result of
a low response rate as well as a relatively high drop-out rate. The research
contributes to theory highlighting the role of design as an important element of
market orientation.


design orientation, market orientation, managers, relationship, transitional economies

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