Development of Trade Relations of Bosnia and Hercegovina with Slovenia: Different Aspects and Characteristics

Snježana Brkić


The paper is aimed at identifying characteristics of trade relations of Bosnia and
Herzegovina (BiH) with the Republic of Slovenia (Slovenia) in order to contribute
to determining the position of BiH in its bilateral trade. The foreign trade analysis
has been performed in the context of the changing trade regime between the two
countries, thereby including both institutional and functional aspects of bilateral
trade relations development. Different trade indicators have been calculated and
interpreted for the period of 2003-2017 and/or for selected years which were
identified by a change in the institutional regulations of mutual trade flows. The
research results indicate increasing trade intensity between the two countries,
with almost balanced export and import flows and with prevailing inter-industry
trade. The trade performance of BiH has significantly improved, with increasing
intra-industry specialization and trade. However, the export structure and
comparative advantage pattern are not favourable toward BiH, which points to
the need for improving the country’s position in its trade with Slovenia.


trade relations, trade regime, bilateral trade analysis, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), the Republic of Slovenia (Slovenia)

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