How to Reduce Discrimination in the Workplace: The Case of Austria and Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Vito Bobek, Anita Maček, Sarah Bradler, Tatjana Horvat


To intervene against discriminatory in the workplace is tremendously important
because discriminatory practices have an enormous economic impact, along with
a severe impact on psychological health, which can result in illnesses such as
depression and burnout. Such intervention requires a multidimensional approach,
including the whole organization and a systematic procedure. The aim of this
paper is to offer suggestions on how to reduce discrimination in the workplace
in Austria and Taiwan. To reach this aim, a qualitative study was conducted.
It showed that education, active positioning of companies, leadership and
diligent selection of employees, discussion and analysis, psychological support,
governmental policies, and aspects of language and talking gender-wise are the
most important steps to decrease or eliminate discrimination in the workplace.

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