The Impact of Behavioral Symptoms of Burnout on Work Engagement of Older Employees: The Case of Slovenian Companies

Maja Rožman, Sonja Treven, Marijan Cingula


The main objective of the paper is to determine the impact of behavioral symptoms
of burnout of older employees on their work engagement in large- and mediumsized
companies in Slovenia. The research is based on the implementation of a
factor analysis by which we wanted to reduce the large number of variables into
a smaller number of factors. With those factors, we performed a simple linear
regression. Based on the results, we confirmed the hypothesis that behavioral
symptoms of burnout of older employees have a statistically significant negative
impact on their work engagement. Well-being of employees of varying ages in
the workplace is key for long-term effectiveness of companies. From this point of
view, companies should apply appropriate measures to reduce burnout as well as
to contribute to employees’ well-being and better workplace performance, which
is reflected in work engagement of employees.

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