Dimensions of Decision-Making Process Quality and Company Performance: A Study of Top Managers in Slovenia

Damjan Grušovnik, Alenka Kavkler, Duško Uršič


This paper investigates the relationship between the dimensions of the decisionmaking
process quality and company performance of top managers’ in Slovenia. We
found out that companies whose managers exhibit an above-average dimension
of openness of spirit in the quality of the decision making process, on average,
have a higher stance on foreign markets as companies in which managers show
a below-average open spirit. For the managers who work in companies that are
present in foreign markets, we could confirm that there is a low/weak correlation
between the dimension of effort of the decision-making process quality and the
number of employees in a company.


quality of the decision-making process, rationality, motivation, participation, exhaustivity of the information, managers effort, creativity and innovativeness, company stakeholders, company performance

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