CSR EMAT Is an Opportunity for Responsible Decision-Making

Nora Rodek Berkes


Corporate social responsibility is an expected behaviour in Western countries,
but the approach still does not have a clear interpretation in Hungary. As a result
of the increasing prestige of the CSR approach, socially responsible thinking and
action also are expected from the companies operating in Hungary. Company
executives carry out CSR activities in many cases – but not consciously. The
objective of this research therefore was the development of a guidance and
evaluation criteria that can support managers in responsible decision-making
and applying the CSR approach to a strategic level. On the other hand, this
management tool allows the measurement of CSR excellence in companies;
therefore, they become comparable in their CSR performance, which offers
opportunities for further research. The study presents the development of CSR
EMAT and the results achieved through the measurements.


corporate social responsibility, EFQM excellence model, CSR EMAT, CSR excellence management, assessment tool

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