The Influence of One’s Own Database on the Accuracy of Forecasting Future Movements of Investment Portfolio Value

Vesna Trančar


The main purpose of this article is to present the test results of the hypothesis
that the use of one’s own (and foreign) database (used by investment portfolio
managers to create indicators of individual stock analyses) has an effect on
the accuracy of forecasting future movements of investment portfolio value. In
addition to the use of different indicators and methods of stock analysis, the
creation of an optimal investment portfolio requires assessment of the suitability
and adequacy of the database used in investment portfolio managers’ decisionmaking
process; in other words, it is necessary to determine which stocks are to
be included in the specific investment portfolio and which are not. The problem
of the selection and use of different databases is linked to the question of
determining the importance of numerous relevant elements when creating an
optimal investment portfolio.


Database, investment portfolio, investment portfolio managers, stocks

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