Changes in Responsibilities and Tasks of Universities in Regional Innovation Ecosystems

Zoltán Birkner, Tivadar Máhr, Nora Rodek Berkes


Innovation process research is changing. In addition to the former territorial approach
(examining countries or regions), the description of innovation cooperation in local
areas is becoming more and more accepted. Instead of the innovation ability of
the traditional large enterprises, research has begun to study the role of small and
medium-sized enterprises, non-governmental organizations, local governments,
and educational institutions (especially universities), which foreshadows the
development of a new innovation system. In 2015, we conducted a study focusing
on the civil and corporate relations of a major university. We tried to determine the
new directions based on the economic and social cooperation as well as to search
for the practical implementation of the theoretical helixes in these interactions.
We came to the conclusion that universities not only are determinative according
to the triple helix model but also have a prominent role in the creation of new
innovation ecosystems, particularly in a well-defined geographical area.


Helix models, innovation, social innovation, university relations

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