Moderating Effects between Job Insecurity and Intention to Quit in Samples of Slovene and Austrian Workers

Paul Jiménez, Borut Milfelner, Simona Šarotar Žižek, Anita Dunkl


Job insecurity is a serious stressor in the work environment, with negative workrelated
outcomes. The effects of job insecurity strongly depend on the country’s
economic condition. The present study investigated the relationship among job
insecurity, job satisfaction, and the intention to quit as well as possible mediating
variables (resources/recovery and stress). The samples of 251 Slovene and 219
Austrian workers were analyzed. The data indicated that job insecurity is related
to higher stress and intention to quit as well as to lower resources/recovery at the
workplace. Stress is an important mediator in the relationship between resources/
recovery and job satisfaction as well as intention to quit. These relationships
were found in both samples.

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