The Role of the Process Organizational Structure in the Development of Intrapreneurship in Large Companies

Adisa Delić, Sabina Đonlagić Alibegović, Sabina Đonlagić Alibegović, Mersiha Mešanović, Sabina Đonlagić Alibegović, Mersiha Mešanović, Mersiha Mešanović


Modern companies’ business environments have become increasingly complex,
dynamic, and uncertain as a consequence of globalization and the rapid
development of information communications technology. Companies are urged
to increase their flexibility in order to keep their competitiveness in the global
market. The affirmation of intrapreneurship becomes one of the basic ways for
achieving higher adaptability and competitiveness of large companies in the
modern business environment. In this context, the choice of an organizational
solution that improves the development of entrepreneurial orientation and
increases employee entrepreneurship and innovativeness becomes an important
task for large companies. Research studies and business practices have indicated
that various types of modern organizational forms enable the development of
intrapreneurship. Therefore, the main aim of this paper is to identify dominant
characteristics of organizational solutions and analyse their influence on the
development of intrapreneurship in large companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina
(BiH). The research results indicate that current organizational characteristics are
not favourable for the development of intrapreneurship in large BiH companies
and that improvement is necessary in order to create an enabling environment for
intrapreneurship and innovativeness. Based on these findings, recommendations
for appropriate organizational changes are presented that might result in a more
intensive development of intrapreneurship in large BiH companies.


Intrapreneurship, organizational structure, process organizational structure, large companies, Bosnia and Herzegovina Federation

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