Older Knowledge Workers as the Labour Market Potential (Slovenia versus Finland)

Magda Zupančič


This article refers to the challenge of demographic changes gaining attention in
many developed countries. The European Union recognized the need to activate
older knowledge workers, who are underrepresented and pushed out of the labour
market or are inadequately motivated to continue their employment for various
reasons, despite their accumulated knowledge and experiences. EU member
states respond differently to their ageing, with more or less successful national
policies. This article is based on research of the labour market development for
older knowledge workers in Slovenia compared to the Finnish age management
policy at the end of the 1990s that successfully increased Finnish older knowledge
workers’ employment through focused and holistic measures. Slovenia stagnated
in the same period due to a lack of holistic solutions—a situation that continues
today. The results and deficiencies of past bad and good practices in these two
compared EU member states might offer some further reflections on possible
steps to follow or avoid regarding active ageing solutions in the EU.


older knowledge workers, Slovenia, Finland, EU

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