Analyzing Hotel Innovation Behavior in the Balaton Region of Hungary to Identify Best Practices

Petra Gyurácz-Németh, Nikolett Horn, Nóra Friedrich


The goal of the research is to investigate the hotel innovation behavior in one of
the most important tourism regions of Hungary. The Lake Balaton Region is a very
popular area of the country with quite a short season (from the middle of June
to August 20). The region is the second most visited area based on the number
of guests and guest nights in Hungary. The topic of innovation plays a growing
role in the Hungarian hotel sector as well, because competition is very high and
keeping guests and employees can be a great challenge. The study involved
both qualitative and quantitative research. The qualitative research aimed to
identify the best practices of the Hotel Európa Fit****superior which introduced
an “innovation by inspiring” strategy and applies several types of innovation in
a highly recommended way. The respondents of the questionnaire included 28
hotel general managers (52% of the 54-person sample). The results showed a
strong relationship between the type of the hotel and the number of innovations
as well as the type of the hotel and the frequency of innovation.


innovation behavior, hotel type, best practice, Hungary

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